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garmin nuvi 205w GPS review

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Garmin Nuvi 205w

Garmin nuvi 205W GPS is available at very affordable price of $99 at the time of writing this review. Global positioning system, more popularly known as GPS has been around for a while now and the technology has matured quite a bit in terms of accuracy of the maps and the antenna reception quality. No doubt that GPS is one of the best gadget invention of the last decade.

Before you go into the quick review here are the good and the bad points.

The Good

– Garmin Nuvi 205 has and easy and intuitive navigation system.
– Has a “where am I” – which is very useful if you are lost or need information of your current position.
– Has fast start up time. If you are on a wrong path, the nuvi 205W re calculates it really fast.

The bad
– Nothing really, but the mounting systems are more bulky than the competitors.

If you need further details read on.

The nuvi 205W has a large screen that measure 4.3 inch diagonally. The resolution is a WQVGA resolution at 480 pixel by 272 pixel. Mechanically the nuvi 205W measure atby inches x
2.9 inches and has a thickness is 0.8. This is by far, the most common dimension of a garmin nuvi GPS unit.

The nuvi 205W can be powered on or off using the slider button on the right hand side. You can slide it to power icon to turn the unit on or off. The slider also has another function. If you turn it towards the features a decent sliding type on off button. The slider has dual purpose of turning the lock icon, it will lock the touch screen.

On the left hand side of the unit is a an SD card slot that can be used to store data, picture or possibly custom PIO. There is a mini USB connector on the rear side of the card which is used for powering the unit and for connectivity. You generally do not need USB connectivity, but can be used for upgrading the software or, possibly storing photos on the SD card. The speaker is also housed on the rear side of the nuvi 205W.

You nuvi 205 comes with a 12V car charger that you can hook the GPS with. There are mounting accessories that can be used to mount the unit on the front glass of your vehicle.

The Nuvi 205W is the big brother of the nuvi 205. However, 205W is still is an entry level GPS and you should not expect a huge amount of features.

The garmin 205W come preloaded US map assuming that you purchased it in US. The navi 205W has ability to display an icon when you exceed the speed limit. The feature is useful to help you keep drive withing speed limit and avoid getting caught by cops. The “where am I” feature is very helpful in knowing your position in case you are lost.

One extra feature as compared to nuvi 205W is the ability to upgrade to lifetime FM traffic updates. This helps you get advanced information on traffic conditions.

The SD card on the nuvi 205W come handy if you wish to use it to store and view pictures. The good point about the nuvi 205W is a fast boot time and a fast sattellite lock time, especially as compared to its predecessor.

The maps and directions by the nuvi 205W are pretty accurate.

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