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Garmin nuvi 255W GPS- Review

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Garmin nuvi 255W GPS is available at a price of $120 at the time of writing ( October 2010). GPS ha been of of the most evolutionary gadget that has spread fast during the last decade. Garmin has been the leader in bringing out some of the best GPS in recent times.

The nuvi 255W has a big 4.3 inch screen at WQVGA resolution. The WQVGA resolution means 480 x 272 pixel, which is decent for GPS applications. You should note that the 4.3 inch screen size is when measured diagonally from one corner to other corner. The size of the GPS itself with mechanicals is 4.8 inches by 2.9 inches. The thickness is 0.8 inch which translates to slightly thick, which is fine for keeping inside a car, but is a bit thick if you need to carry.

The unit features a decent sliding type on off button. The slider has dual purpose of turning the unit on and off as well as locking the touch screen.There is a SD card slot on the left side of the GPS. The rear side of the GPS houses a speaker and a mini USB connector. The USB connector is used for charging the unit. It also serves as a connecting port.

You get a 12V car charger that you can hook the GPS with. The GPS also comes with various attachments that you can use to mount on the car. You can rotate the GPS in mounted position using its ball joint.

As compared to the Tomtom units, the Garmin nuvi G255W is bulkier. The garmin navigation touch screen is easy to follow. It has very intuitive buttons and you do not need to go through the manual to understand it.

The Nuvi 255W is the big brother of the nuvi 205. However, it still is an entry level GPS and you should not expect a huge amount of features.

If you have purchased the unit in US, it comes pre loaded map of US. The navi 255W has a good feature to display an icon when you exceed the speed limit. Another feature, called “where am I”, which when pressed shows present location, intersecting roads. This helps you in emergency or if you are lost. This is a great feature, especially, since you can find nearest gas station, hospital, and police station.

One extra feature as compared to nuvi 205W is the test to speech a text-to-speech function that reads street and points of interest (POI) names aloud and is preloaded with full map data instead of regional data.

The nuvi 255W has the ability to upgrade to lifetime FM traffic updates. This helps you get advanced information on traffic conditions.

The SD card on the nuvi 255W can be used to store pictures that can be later viewed. It also has an in built calculator, though, these are not likely to be used much by users. Current trend is to have dedicated device do the dedicated functions.

The good point about the nuvi 255W is a fast boot time and a fast sattellite lock time, especially as compared to its predecessor nuvi 200.

The maps and directions by the nuvi 255W are pretty accurate. Though do not expect it to find a tricky route for which you know a backdoor shortest path route.

You may also like to check the competitor Tomtom XL 340 which is priced identically ( $117 at the time of writing). The set of features are also identical. While Tom tom has good feature of IQ routes and mapshare, garmin is better in terms of ease of use simplicity.

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