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Gateway NV55C03u Notebook Review

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Gateway NV55C03u notebook is powered by Intel Pentium P6100 – a dual core processor with decent performance. The Gateway NV55C03u has a decent 3 GB RAM and sports 320 GB Hard Disk. The integrated webcam and the available HDMI output connection makes this notebook a good buy for all your basic needs. It may be worthwhile to take a look at the individual components of this notebook.


The Processor in the Gateway NV55C03u is the dual core Pentium P6100 based upon the Arrandale Architecture – the same architecture that powered Intel core i3 processors. The processor has integrated memory controller which makes it better in terms of the performance. Its 2 GHz core frequency and the 3M cache makes it a decent processor. In comparison to the core i3 processors the Pentium P6100 does not has hyperthreading. The processor is more than good enough for home and office computing. Of course the real Core i3 and especially core i5 are better.


Intel Pentium P6100 is powered by 15.6 inch LED display with 1366 x 768 resolution. The display gives out bright color with its LED backlit. The quality of the display makes it a pleasant watch in case you want to use it for movie watching.

RAM and Hard Disk

The Gateway NV55C03u sports 3 GB Hard Disk which is more than enough for most of your computing needs. The operating system takes up 1 GB of space, which leaves 2 GB for the applications. The Hard is 320 GB, that again should be good enough for the most purposes.

Integrated Webcam and HDMI

There are two important features worth mentioning in the Gateway NV55C03u. The first of these is the integrated webcam which will allow you to chat with your friend. Secondly the Gateway NV55C03u has HDMI output that you can use to display content of the notebook on a LCD TV or a projector.

Other features

The Gateway NV55C03u is light and mobile with 5.72 lb in weight. It has 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery, that, according to Gateway lasts close to 4 hours. The other features are mostly common with other laptop. It comes with wired and wireless internet connectivity. The operating system is Windows 7 Home Edition which comes preinstalled.

The notebook is a good buy at best buy, where it is available for $399 in bargain deals.

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