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Gateway ZX6900-01e Review – All in one desktop PC from Gateway

Gateway expands its ZX series of all in one PCs by adding two new slim models the ZX6900-01e and ZX4300-01e onto it. Gateway ZX6900-01e features 23”LCD touch screen and available at 1,019.99 at all leading stores.

Specification of Gateway ZX6900-01e-

Gateway ZX6900-01e is powered by Intel core i3 530 processor and is operating at the speed of 2.93GHz having cache of 4MB.

The 23” display of the ZX model of Gateway features full high definition” Ultrabright “  multi-touch screen having resolution of 1920X1080.When comes to graphics it comes with Intel integrated HD graphics. The primary memory comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM which is expandable up to 8GB.The hard drive Gateway ZX6900-01e comprises of 640 GB (SATA) storage capacity with 7400 revolutions per minute with Windows 7 home premium (64 bit) loaded on it.

Other significant features Gateway ZX6900-01e included are as follows Picture of Gateway ZX6900-01e

  • Slot-load 4X Blu-ray player & Blu-ray Combo DVD burner
  • Multi-in-one digital media card reader which allows user to stay away from wire and cables; read easily the camera and camcorders
  • HD Stereo System- This feature offers the support that requires manipulating the most advanced audio content. Additionally, built in 5w stereo speaker system will offer more tunes and tones, and the sound coming out of it is of superior quality than non-HD systems.

The All in one Gateway ZX6900-01e PC also comprises of 6 USB ports, HDMI out, in-built 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet LAN etc

When build is concerned, it comes with sleek design which can be fitted at any corner of your house. Additionally, with adjustable slightly arching backstand allows you to locate the ideal viewing angle. The wireless mouse and keyboard keep the space mess free

The Gateway ZX6900-01e all in one PC comes with 1 year of limited warranty.

Finally, the all in one ZX series of PC is good for those who are looking for budget system. The specifications it includes help you to perform work in efficient way. As the system comes with integrated Gateway® TouchSuite syncs which offers many services like handwrite notes, creating a photo slideshow, arranging and playing your choices of  tunes, and get in touch with friends  thru social networks with the help of  finger touch.

update Gateway ZX6900-01e issue

Recently I found one user review on gateways own site. he has some webcam driver issue “I bought this computer on the 15th of May and can’t use my built in webcam because the driver was not installed from the factory. [edit-support language] How can you sell a computer with a built in webcam and not install the driver or have the software for me to install it; not to mention not have a recovery cd for it! This is BS!” source

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