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GE 4.5-Cubic Foot WMR04GAZBB refrigerator review

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General electronics are ranked as the top line manufacturer for home kitchen appliances and with their new refrigerator GE 4.5-Cubic Foot WMR04GAZBB Compact Black, they haven’t let down their image. Maximum value of money is utilized with the size and features provided in it.

The Compact Refrigerator Black GE 4.5-Cubic Foot WMR04GAZBB has a weighs about 72 pounds and has a dimension of 22.25m x 20.5m x 32.18m. Thus it is easily moveable and manageable and it can be placed anywhere you want. The outward surface has a shiny black appearance which gives it style and sophistication at the same time .Other outlook characteristic includes rounded doors and reversible door hinges.

The lower cabinet has an area of 4.2 cubic feet, with a small freezer portion of 0.25 cubic feet making the entire storage capacity to 4.5 cu ft. Main storage space offers a lot of space for food items. Food items can be organized and placed easily since there are three glass fresh food cabinet with two full having full width and 1 half width There is an in-the -door can rack for placing beverages. Other prominent feature includes small trays i.e. ice tray and a defrost tray.

The technology used in GE 4.5-Cubic Foot WMR04GAZBB Compact Refrigerator Black makes the temperature reach to its desired level easily and cools in a short period of time. Even if medium level is used it works marvelously. One of the major technology included makes it power efficient, making a large saving on energy consumption. It operates without making much noise. The major storage space offers a lot of area for your foodstuff. Your own GE 4.5-cu Foot WMR04GAZBB Compact Refrigerator Black with excellent technology and finish to adorn your kitchen and offices can be bought from online retailers for approximately $139.
PROS n CONS of the GE 4.5-cu Foot WMR04GAZBB Compact Refrigerator Black
*The refgirator has adjustable shelves which makes the storing capacity according to your
requirements It has a large series of features for a compact refrigerator;
*The compact size of the refrigerator makes it easily compatible to any available space
*The refrigerator uses an advanced technology that makes it noise free
*The space available in the door makes more space available for the beverages to be stored
*The sophisticated design in black makes it stand out as a very expensive refrigerator although it
is not .
Con’s of GE 4.5-Cu Foot Compact Refrigerator Black
*The space available for freezer is especially small and can only be used for making ice
The Compact Refrigerator Black, GE 4.5-Cubic Foot WMR04GAZBB is an ideal choice for refrigerator. Since it’s a worth the money spent .The latest technology .The energy efficiency makes it the first choice of the consumers. This refrigerator is highly recommended!

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