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GE A1250 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera Review

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About GE A1250 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

For those in the market for a new camera but have limited budget to spare, then you need to check out GE A1250 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera. It comes at an affordable price tag that makes it accessible for those who wanted to enjoy nearly the same range of features as more popular brands without the same costs. For more details about its features, you can get more info below.

As mentioned in title it comes with 12.2 megapixel resolution and has 5X optical zoom and 5.7X  digital zoom.GE A1250 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera comes with a dimensional measurement of 2.4 x 3.6 x 1.0 inches and weighing at about 5.1 oz. The camera is equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD screen with a natural pixel resolution of 234,000. The overall image quality for this camera model is quite impressive with up to 12.2 megapixels such that you can get excellent results and color representation whether shooting indoors or outdoors. However, there are some issues noted by consumers about the soft focus and the brightness level of images, but these are only minor issues that do not plague the overall performance of the device.

There is a wide range of resolution settings to choose from with GE 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera A1250, which is unexpected with a camera model that is priced this low. The resolution settings available range from 0.3 to as high as 12 megapixels, with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and 16:9. This digital camera is priced at a low $129 price tag such that you can save a lot of money without compromising on quality. AT buy.com it is available at price tag of $74.5. The response time is specifically impressive such that it captures images in about one-half second by the time you press the shutter. This allows the zoom lens to move back and forth in a quick manner but there is a tendency to suffer from a delay when shooting at low light conditions. The ISO ranges from ISO 64-1600. The aperture range is from f/3 to f/4.7

The design is where the GE A1250 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera falls short. It is not as sleek and stylish as most other digital cameras out there, although you will have several color choices such as silver, red, black, and pink. The use of minimal buttons and dials contribute to the ease of use such that beginning photographers will find it easy to explore the various features.

Pro’s of GE 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera A1250

*It is sold at a low price for great value;

*It offers fast response time for more detailed picture;

*It is simple to operate and efficient to use;

*It offers manual control for LCD brightness to make it easier for your eyes to look into;

*It delivers excellent image quality and accurate color.

Con’s of GE 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera A1250

*The camera is thick and heavy, which is impractical to carry around;

*The size of the LCD could be made a little larger;

*The focus is a little soft;

*There should have been more detail provided for the printer user guide.

The Bottom Line

GE 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera A1250 is an excellent choice for novice users who wanted an entry-level point-and-shoot digital camera. The general design of the camera is quite basic and plain, but it is well rounded in terms of features and offers more than you would expect from this type of camera. And the best part of all, it costs no more than $150 such that you can enjoy maximum value for your money.

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