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Get personalized US freelancer for you

Outsourcing can have many dimensions and it does not necessarily mean that you need to offshore your task to a low cost country like India and China.

Many fledgling US companies are looking for “qualified US personals” to execute their jobs as a freelancers. It is here that Solvate comes to your help. Solvate personally check the resume and qualification of the individuals before approving them as a “qualified talent”. Secondly, Solvate only has US workers in its list of the talents – so you dont need to deal with a relatively huge list of workforce of “unknown quality”.

This saves a lot of time for busy executives who want the work done on the same day they want without the need of going through the process of “selecting the right candidate”.

Check out the Solvate and find the right personal. If that does not work you always can use a huge list of the crowd sourcing from other freelancing platforms.

Solvate in a Venture Capital backed firm and US executive will probably appreciate and give value to it. Solvate raised $2.3 million Series A venture Capital from DFJ Gotham Venture and RRE Ventures. Recently solvate raised another $4 million in the next round of funding from DFJ Gotham Venture.

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