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Google Health stops

Google Health was actually something the starredreviews was very optimistic about. The reason – healthcare is a multi hundred billion industry in United States, and, any kind of stake in healthcare sectore meand a big money flowing.

And for this reason, google health seems to be a venture. The personal health record system is a growing, at least if we are to belive that study by Frost & Sullivan. The integration of the EHR ( Electronic Health Record) with Personal Health Record System could be another reason to be optimistic about Google Health.

None of these was good enough reason not to pull the chord.

This raises some more questions. What if google stops the Google Docs ? This is a real possibility as the Google Docs potentially requires a lot of effort in development and maintenance and the revenvue are poteltially less. What will you do with the hundreds of files that you have stored in Google Docs.

What will you do if google stops gmail ? A very rate possibility but not something impossible. What if Google stops blogspot. Yahoo had pulled the chord from geocities leading to the loss of a large number of quality contents that were hosted on the geocities

Anyway back to the PHR services – Microsoft had its own Personal Health Record System that intended to generate revenue by advertising, while providing the actual use of PHR free.

The basic problem with Google was, it did not extend itself beyonf patient collecting data for its own use and view. If it could have provided a way where the health care provider could share the data, if it could have integrated it with EHR, there could be some monetization benefit. Google would have to find some ways the IT vendors, insurance companies and the Healtcare providers could connect to the patient data.

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