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Hit by Panda ? Try blogspot

Starredreviews presents the Google Panda Series Analysis.

You are a small publisher hit by Google Panda. Even though, your website was not world class, you considered it to be decent enough to be useful for readers and worth ranking in the google – at least for some of the posts that you made. And it did, just as expected, probably better – but that was before the February 12, 2011 when Google Panda attacked the so called “low quality” sites. Your website traffic plummeted by a whopping 40%. Another international launch of the Google Panda in April 2011, led to a further 20% drop in google traffic.

This is the story of a large number of people who have reported their issues at Google Webmaster forum . The reply from the top contributors has rarely been helpul. The recovery from the Google Panda has been non existent or rare at the best.

People have tried everything suggested by the Top Contributors. Excessive ads have been suggested as one of the reasons for the sites that have been hit by Google Panda. When webmasters removed or reduced the Adsense, the only outcome was a drop is revenue. No one has reported a recovery by removing or reducing the Adsense.

Duplicate content has been cited as one of the reasons that could negatively affect your site. Many website owners have tried canonicals, noindexing the tag, so on and so forth. Bur the recovery has been non existent. Many webmasters even reported further loss in traffic when the no indexed low quality traffic. They removed / no indexed thin content posts. Added more content to thin content pages. Nothing seems to work.

If you are frustrated Google Panda hit webmaster owner, you may try one thing – Start blogging on blogspot.com – yes it has many disadvantages, but, blogspot is not hit by Panda ( Though there is no gaurantee that it will not be hit by Google Panda in future). Blogspot is owned by Google, and google will tweak the algo so that it stays out of panada net. It should be easy for you to open an account in blogspot and there is no reason for it not to rank high in Google.

Interestingly you can spread the blogs in different domains based upon the topics. Like a.blogspot.com, b.blogspot.com. The subdomains may be hit by Panda. But, if a.blogspot.com is hit, chances are b.blogspot.com will not. This is another advantage of blogging at blogspot.com

Advantages of blogging in Blogspot

– Less chances of being hit by Panda
– You can spread over several subdomains
– No hosting worries. No payment to hosting company
– Less chances of attack on website ( Denial of Service, hack etc)

Disadvantage of blogging at Blogspot

– You dont own the site – so, a little less value if you plan to sell the site
– The customization is not as flexible as your own wordpress based blog

A decade ago, Blogspot was a favorite starting place for fledgling bloggers. With Panda, you may like to revisit blogspot. At least diversify your blog – you should not put all your eggs in one basket.

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  1. Gita
    September 12th, 2011 at 08:37 | #1

    I got struck by Google Panda personally aswell…

    I’ve been searching for ways around the Google Panda update and I’ve done a whole bunch of testing on my own web sites.
    Right here are several tips to consider:

    1) minimize bouncerate on your websites
    2) delete/nofollow/noindex thin and low quality pages
    3) maximize Ctr in the search results (E.g implement crazy call to actions and stuff inside your page titles)
    4) give much more value on your web site (increase visitors onpage time)
    5) interlink your site through optimized anchor texts
    6) make use of a privacy policy, bulletpoints, paragraphs, subtiles, images, address/phone number, SSL, google maps location, contact us, about us etc etc (all “possible” extra quality factors you can think of)
    7) Obtain more quality back links with good anchor text variation.

    Building backlinks must be done in a very diverse and consistent manner.

    Another thing, I am a ‘beta’ tester of LinkALoha at the moment and i’m seeing GREAT results. I think they are going to open up a couple new spots shortly, you guys should check it out. Those guys are great