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Hitachi L32A404 Review Decent 32” 720p HDTV

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Hitachi L32A404 HDTV comes under the popular alpha series from Hitachi released in 2010.  The L32A404  is of optimum size for a living room in your home. Hitachi provides all the connectivity options available from top notch models in this base level product. The picture looks decent but, the manufacturer denies for providing much technical details in deep level. A fast response time and good image processing filters creates clear images from this 32” 16:9 screen. The design is much attractive and compatible 200x200mm VESA mounting.

Hitachi L32A404 uses CONEQ technology from Hitachi which maximizes the audio performance by creating separate controls for two individual speakers. This technique automatically adjusts the volume and bass level balance of each speaker with a musical sense to output magical sound. Seven high definition ports amplify the connection possibilities to exceed user expectations. Built in ATSC/QAM digital tuning option equips quick HD broadcast reception in a direct way. Integrated self timer option allows you to set the schedule of operation for your TV if you wish to do so. Basic calibration settings and interactive menu builds satisfaction for all who don’t care to go deep.

Hitachi L32A404  is in line with Energy Star 4.1 guidelines and saves lot in terms of utility bills even using a CCFL backlight. Four HDMI is a surplus found only on mammoth range HDTVs. But, here Hitachi understands your expectations by providing fully digital audio & video input/output ports. The 15 pin VGA connector is an easy way to looks your images and movies on your PC on a big and clear screen. Light weight allows easy initial set up. The price has reduced much after great fluctuations and reached the bottom part. Now, this is good time to obtain Hitachi L32A404 for only 310$ approx. on Wal-Mart online store.

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