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Hotspot on Verizon iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.5

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Even before the Verizon iPhone becomes publically available, there has been news that we have “Personal hotspot” feature available with the Verizon iPhone 4. The Engadget has recently uncovered that the Personal Hotspot feature is available in the iPhones on the iOS 4.2.5, something the potential Verizon iPhone 4 buyers will be delighted to know.

The hotspot feature is apparently inbuilt into the Operating system settings. Engadget has captured the screen shots of the these pictures which have been reproduced below.

This gives potential Verizon customers another reason to buy the Verizon iPhone in preference to the AT&T iphones. It is not yet clear of the feature will also be available for the AT & T iPhone 4 customers. More details are still awaited.

The hotspot feature allows users to connect upto five notebook users to get internet connection via the data connection facility of the iPhone. This feature is already available in the Android phones as applications. So far Apple did not release any support for the Hotspot in the iPhones. The Application for the hotspot is already available in the jailbroken iPhones – for example MyWi.

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