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How people use freelance site to get links

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People use micro blogging sites to get backlinks. In many cases they are ready to pay $3 for a 50 words article for a PR3 site with a link to the the websites.

A typical write up looks as follows

What is expected from Workers?

Your website/ blog must be at least PR3 or higher. http://prchecker.info. You must own the domain and self hosted site. No free hosted blogs on wordpress, blogspot, blogger, forums, etc. A site with extension: CO.CC will not be accepted. The site must be in English only.

Sites not accepted: Travel, Health, Sports, Gambling, Warez, Pornography, illegal websites will not be accepted.

1. In your blog/ website, write a 50-word post/ article about any one (or more) of following products mentioned on our website:
– Pneumatic Drum capseal crimping tool
– Hand operated Drum capseal crimping tool
– Pneumatic Drum plug wrench (Bung tightener)
– Hand operated Drum plug wrench (Bung tightener)
– Drum capseal

2. Include the corresponding link(s) as explained in the Doc file :

You may use some content/ text/ pictures from our website. But you need to reword the text to look original. For background knowledge, read this wiki page:

The link must be clickable, “do follow”, permanent, and placed within the article. Plain html link only; no javascript, no iframes, no special characters. The post must appear on your homepage for at least 10 days. After that, it must remain active on your site for at least 1 year. Example : www.yourdomain.com/postexample.html. Do not mention “paid review or paid text links or sponsors.”

Required proof that task was finished?

1. URL of your blog/ site where our link can be found initially (homepage)
2. URL of your blog/ site where our link can be found later on
3. Your email address

Does this scheme works ?

It is debatable whether this scheme works or not. There is some basic flaw with the freelancing sites. There is no guarantee that the webmaster will not remove the links shortly after he gets paid ( typically $3). The person who posts this job is at the mercy of the webmaster’s whim for the links.

The scheme also looks “unnatural” and potentially comes under the category of “purchased links”. This “may” potentially¬† lead to google penalizing the site for the buying the link.¬† However, you may get at least few links that that stays and will have at least some effect even if it stays for a few month, if it does not get penalized.


Starredreviews Recommendation 

Starredreviews does not recommend using such sites for building links. The link building should follow naturally based upon the strength of the website rather than be solicited.  However, if your competitor indulges in such practice and stays unpenalized, you may be at slight disadvantageous position.

The best practice would be to depend upon the strength of the content. You may however use these websites bookmarking, soliciting comments. It may also be a good idea to post a link of your page to bookmarking sites and ask for comments for these freelancers.



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  1. August 14th, 2011 at 08:02 | #1

    This is a simple concept which works though it costs a lot of money and too is limited in different ways. I will say its not the best way to get back links. Indeed its bad practice since it misleads those that want to use them to get important content.