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How to create a new Adsense Channel for Blogspot

How to create a new Adsense Channel for Blogspot

Adding a new Channel for Adsense in Blogspot helps you track the Adsense figures ( number of clicks, CPC, total revenvue etc). In this article we will show you how.

If you are using blogspot ( also called blogger) as a way to monetize the Adsense, you may have been using the inbuilt Adsense Gadget to add the Adsense. However, the problem with this approach is that you are not able to track how much clicks you had on your blogspot Adsense. You will not be able to monitor the data using the Adsense Report.

To be able to do this, you need to do the things differently. Here are the steps involved to be able to monitor the Adsense revenue on Blogspot.

1. Login to your blogspot Account and Click on Dashboard. Remove any previously added Adsense.
2. Now let us say you need to add a adsense on the right hand side. Click on the Add a Gadget on the right hand side.
3. It takes you to a new pop up Window that should list some Add on Gadgets. Click on + sign next to HTML/JavaScript. An important caution – Do not click on Adsense. This is the mistake most of us make for obvious reasons.
4.No login to your Adsense account and generate a new code on a new channel. Get a suitable size ad and copy the Adsense code.
5. Paste the code on back to the blogger Gadgets.Now you are all set. Save and Finish.
6. You may also add code on the top or on the individual posts.

Notice that you may like to improve upon the default design of the Blogspot by minimizing the header height, including a table that will have the link to all the related posts of the blogspot. Monitor the traffic on the Blogspot by including google analytics in the blogspot. Try to maximize the time on site, and the number of pageviews per visit.

It may also be a good idea to use your own blog, in wordpress, in place of the blogspot. This way you also create an equity for your website that you can sell. You may not be able to sell the blogspot.

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