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How to Create Folders on Your Ipad iOS 4.2

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Folders are known objects in Wondows Operating systems. The help keep you organized. You keep similar files in the same folder. Similar to the Winodws 7 you can create folders in the iPad. In this articles we will learn how to create new folder in your iPad. We will also learn how to delete a folder iPAD.

The capability of creating new folder is available in iPads with iOS 4.2 or later. The news created folder can be used to store mp3 music, documents, videos or other things – the best candidate will be the ones that stay in the same folder. If you create a new folder in home, it becomes easy to access the related information quickly. A folder can also be used to store an application, make it easy to place related application in one folder. Here are the steps on how to create a new folder on iPad

Step 1. Tap down an application icon that you want to put in a new folder – keep it holding down till its starts kind of blinking and hopping up and down.

Step 2. Now drag the icon of the application icon that you want to be inside the new folder. Once you do this you will see the home screen on your iPad getting fade. A new folder will display.

Step 3. The system automatically generate and suggests the name of the folder. Change the name to what looks suitable to you – by taping the name and editing it with the iPad screen keyboard.

Step 4. Keep dragging and dropping the application icons in the new folder that you created. When you are done with all the drag and down, press the home button end exit. You are done with the creation of the new folder in iPad.

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