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How to Greate US Passport Size Photo your self.

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It is possible to create a set of 6 US size passports using your own digital Camera. The steps are outlined as follows

– Take a photograph of yourself using a good digital camera on a white background. You can use a white board or a white bed sheet to ensure that the background stays white.

– Transfer the photo on your computer and open it with Microsoft paint . Cut a SQUARE of the photograph such that the size of the cut portion complies with the requirement of the US passport photo. To ensure that it is square look at the coordinate of the box while selecting the portion of the photo. It should typically be a square, like, say 500 x 500 pixel.

– Paste this photo on the top left corner. Save this file as a new file.

– Goto File -> Properties. Set the size of the image as 500 x 500. This will leave the photo with only the square image.

– Now copy the image using Control+A and then Control +C
– Now go to the image properties again and change the image size as 1500 x 1000 ( three times the width and two times the photo).

– Now paste the image six time shifting and aligning in the 4 x 6 inch area. Here is how it looks like at the end.

– Save the file in your computer. Transfer it to to an MMC or SD card or a USB Stick and take it to your walmart or CVS pharmacy store and print it. Chances are, it will cost you $0.25 and you get 6 passport size photos !!!

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