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How to Immigrate to New Zealand

Immigration is a major step taken to relinquish the demand of the stance, irrespective of its magnitude or intensity. This colonization protrudes the various facets of existence, intended for establishment of equilibrium in one’s life. This is a structured paradigm which paves the way to a further nourished acculturation. Where, you tend to establish in a new culture and civilization. There are numerous reasons behind one’s immigration, i.e.

Financial security
Further education
Beaurrocratic interference
Standard of living
Work orientation

And many more which may not comply with many of the readers requirements. Thus this gives a clear picture of why and when would one decide over the step of this magnitude.  Complying with the requirements of the nation is a major concern and constrain over various other factors.

The other reasons may be
Relocating with the employer
Temporarily working in the location
Onsite training or working

And many more. Like any other country New Zealand has its own set of rules, regulations and policies.  The basic requirements of immigration to New Zealand are analogous to the requirement of any other country. Proficiency in English language is a must. The individual should meet the set standards pertaining to health, character and language proficiency.
As a prerequisite to the immigration one needs to have a valid visa. To establish one’s eligibility for the immigration you need to provide the appropriate agency the relevant documents and details with reasons for the migration. Within 48 hours of which you can have a detailed analysis of the entire scenario. Unlike any other country, New Zealand maintains a board immigration policy, specifically designed to meet the economic and social standards of the location. All the information can be derived from the New Zealand government.

The immigration process can be categorized under the following heads:

Skilled migrant category:

This is specifically for those groups of people who are skilled and possess the required qualifications for the permit to live in New Zealand. This can be substantiated by submitting an EOI- expression of interest, which renders points to qualify for the immigration.  You should show the potential and eligibility to contribute towards any specific job. Once the EOI standards are attained, you get the eligibility to apply for residence, through an appropriate and legitimate claim.
Work to residence:

This can be structured and materialized while you are temporarily working in New Zealand. Under the work of residence category, you can apply for a permanent immigration. It also requires you to protrude your exclusive potential to your clients and employers. The expertise may be in the field of art, Culture or sports. To meet the standards for gaining a visa requires a specific set of qualifications.  New Zealand and Australian citizens need not apply for this visa. The prerequisites for this visa are good health, character, and passport valid for 3 months, visa for the visit and genuine reason and interest to work in New Zealand. The visa further attributes few details as abiding by New Zealand government’s law, conditions specified in the visa, abiding by the timeframe of the stay.
Residence from work

Thi9s applies to those who have worked in New Zealand for a span of minimum two years. This substantiates after having gained the work permit visa under work to residence category. After this you can apply for the residence under the residence from work category.  The requirements may further extend to the details pertaining to the applications, verifying one’s health condition, character and English as a compulsory language.  The inclusion of a partner must be supported with evidence of the partnership.
Employee of a relocating company

If you are the major portion of a company’s business, or you want to relocate to contribute towards the growth of the company from New Zealand, you get the eligibility under Employees of Relocating Business Category. For this also you need to get approval from the agency, and get a invitation to apply for the temporary work visa, that allows one to temporarily relocate to new Zealand.  As per the condition, you can have the permit, once you have completed 2 years with the relocated company. This can also include the dependants and partner travelling along.
Thus this enlists the detailed requirement for immigration to New Zealand at a glance.

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  1. Asha Tiwary
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    Can you also add how to immigrate by marrying a New Zealand citizen. Can I find a fiancee and land to New Zealand ?

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