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How to Import HTML Table Data in Excel

How to Import HTML Table Data in Excel (XL Sheet)

Juhi from Mumbai, India asks this question

Question – I am looking at an HTML Table on a website. The table is somewhat big, and, as a result, it is time consuming to copy each and every data into an excel sheet. Is there a simpler way, any plugin, tool that I can use to quickly import all the HTML table data into xl sheet ?

Answer – Hi Juhi, thank you for contacting starredreviews for your question. The solution to your problem of getting the data into Microsoft xl sheet is actually easier than you may think. All you need to do is open the page in Microsoft internet explorer. Notice that this will not work in the Mozilla firefox ( yes we have checked it) and will possibly also not work in Chrome ( though we need to check it). Once the page is open, right click anywhere on the HTML table and it should have a menu, one of the rows of which should say – “Export to Microsoft XL”. Click on that and all the data of the table is nicely imported to an xl sheet. You may manupilate the data at your comfort now.

Precautions – You may not import and use the copyrighted material from website for this purpose.


1. This solution will not work if you have scripted page.

2. If you want a part of the table this will not work. For this you may want to try partial table import


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  1. July 23rd, 2011 at 00:26 | #1

    Simply right-click on the page and look through the menu.
    You should see “Export to Microsoft Excel.
    If all these conditions are true, click on the menu item and after
    a few prompts it will be imported to Excel.
    But if the page is scripted by JavaScript or PHP or if you only want a portion of it, the above solution will not work. I have found that only a few folks know of the solution described below. It is based upon the Drag-and-Drop function of Windows and works very well. It’s not high-tech, it’s no big secret, but it’s quick and easy as long as you are willing to keep your finger parked on the left mouse button while Windows does the rest of the work.