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How to noindex Individual posts in WordPress

How to noindex Individual posts in WordPress

Question I have a wordpress based website and it has been it by Google Panda. It has a mix of good and bad posts. Removing the bad posts will break the links, so, alternatively, I would like to noindex the individual posts of the word press. How can I do that ? Is there a simple way to do that ?

Adam C., from Washington asked this question

Answer Hi Adam, thanks for contacting Starredreviews for your question about noindex of the individual wordpress posts. We do research a lot before providing you the accurate and to the point answers.

There are few things you can do to noindex individual posts.

1. Go to your wordpress blog admin dashboard. On the left hand side, navigate to Plugins -> Addnew. Now search for “Robots Meta Plugin” – it will take you to the screen that looks like this

2. Click on Install of the first result ( Joost et el) and install the plugin.

3. Activate the plugin in the next step.

4. No go to the individual post. On the right hand side, you should see a Table for option to select,

5. Select the noindex, follow option and update the post.

6. Do no forget to verify it by checking the source code of the individual post.


If the number of the posts is very small, you can use the following method to noindex individual posts by adding the following lines in the header.php after some of the tags

ID, array(‘781’, ‘902’, ‘1123’))) {echo ”;} ; ?>

It marks the posts with ids ‘781’, ‘902’, ‘1123’ as noindex.

Noindexing bad quality pages has assumed significance after the Google Panda update where it is necessary to noindex bad quality pages.

If you have a large number of posts that you want to no index then it may be a good idea to do it directly from the mysql database ( after the installation of the Robot Noindex Meta plugin).  Make sure you save the database before trying this out.

This method is useful if you want to noindex, say, 1000 posts and want to leave only 50 pages indexed. Onnce you have no indexed all posts, you can index important pages individually. This saves time.

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  1. Broadcom
    May 25th, 2011 at 21:08 | #1

    Any idea if no idexing most of the low quality pages will help me with my site that has been hit by Google Panda ?

    Has anyone had any positive experience with this process ?

  2. Peter Pan
    June 15th, 2011 at 13:52 | #2

    What is the mysql command for index, follow or noindex follow all the posts ?

  3. admin
    June 15th, 2011 at 13:59 | #3

    Hi Peter Pan,

    First test it for one post with something like

    update wp_posts set robotsmeta = “index,follow” where post_type = “post” AND ID =”4″

    Then use

    update wp_posts set robotsmeta = “index,follow” where post_type = “post”

    for all posts