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How to Print from iPad

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Many people seem to search for “How to Print from iPad”. Unfortunately there is no universal solution to this perennial problem. We have tried to gather the solution to the “How to Print from iPad” and arrive at the conclusion that this is one of the areas why you should prefer a netbook over a Macbook.

iPad claims that it can replace the nebooks and provide better user interface. A netbook is based upon a slim version of the Windows operating system, so printing a document is the same procedure – same as that of printing from a computer. But can you print a document from iPad directly to any printer ? Well a tough question. Apple says that you can synch your document in the iPad to a MAC computer and then you can print from the MAC computer. But then this a printing from you MAC not from your iPad.

There are however, some options – a bunch of third part Applications are available that claim to print the documents from the iPad directly to the printer.

The best promise is shown by the applications that can print directly from the wifi. In theory the iPad is wifi enabled, to you should be able to beam the content on a wifi enabled printer and print the document on the wifi printer wirelessly. In practice many applications that seem to work on this – do not give you expected result. Even some of the best application like Air Sharing HD has lacuna will not print the way you want.

Canon’s free Easy Photo-Print for iPhone is another application that will allow you to print the photos on your iPad direcly to the Wifi Canon printers ( for example Canon Pixma MX870). Unfortunatley, this will not be able to print a text document or any other document for that matter.

HP’s free application – the HP iPrint Photo, is supposed to work on wifi enabled HP Laserjet printers. But when PC mag tried this application with the LAserjet 1102W – it just did not work.

Another paid application ePrint – $2.99 claims to print many types of pages, documents and photos. But here too, pcmag found the application to crash in attempt yo print the document on wifi HP printers.

The Air Sharing HD is a $9.99 application which is claimed to be a general purpose application that is promised to work on Wi-Fi network. It earches Wi-Fi network for Macs. It will not work on Windows PCc.It then prints on the printer “attached to the MAC”. Not too bad – but then you need a MAC computer.

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