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How to Restart crashed System

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Steps to restart the crashed system

Mac is considered as Crashed or Frozen when the cursor stops working and the keyboard also cannot link up with your. Below are the few steps to resolve this problem.

1. Press the following keys simultaneously to quit the current application and save the work done in any applications except the running one, you can force-quit the current application, the keys are Command -> Option -> Escape. The unsaved task in the running application will be gone.
2. Try saving the work in all other applications.
3. Press the Power key or go to the shut down from start menu to restart your computer.
4. In case your start tab is not working, press the following keys: Command -> Option -> Shift -> Power. All your unsaved data will be lost.
5. If you again want to restart, press the following keys: Command -> Control -> Power.
6. If all these attempts are also not working just turn it off from the main point of power or plug it out.

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