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How to Salvage old notebook

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Notebooks tend to have a shorter life span. And there may be more than one reason, why you may like to dump off your older notebook for a new one. A newer Notebook comes with a newer ( and possibly better) Operating System besides higher speed processor. A newer notebook will also be free from Virus and worms that your older notebook may have accumulated over the years, further slowing down your computer. While older notebook may not be as valuable, you may still salvage some parts of it.

1. Sell the Screen – Even though the processor and memory change, the technology on the screens and display has not advanced much. So and old screen still fetches a good prices – typically $60 or more, depending upon how old the model is. A screen can be used by the newer models of a series of notebook. The best place to sell the screen of your notebook is ebay. All you need to do is search for the prices at which the existing similar screens are being sold. Expect to get similar price. You will have to familiarize your self how to remove the screen from the notebook. Basically there will be at least two screws that will hold it near the two hinges. You will also have to remove the cables along with the screen. The exercize may be a fun for you. Remember that it may be easier to remove the screen along with the Display Screen.

2. Remove and Sell Memory – If your notebook is not too old ( DDR2 or preferably DDR3 at the time of writing), the memory may fetch you decent price. At the time of writing 4 GB of DDR2 RAM sells for $40. You can expect similar or better prices for DDR3. The older DDR3 memory is going to last at least till 2015, thanks to the integrated DDR3 memory controllers in the most recent processors, including Sandy Bridge processors from Intel. Removing memory should be easier. Just take off the cover on the back of the notebooks and you should spot it out. It is easy to remove them.

3. The Battery – If the Battery of your notebook still holds good charge, you may fetch $30 and up selling it on ebay. Battery is one of the easiest part to remove.

4. Hard Disk – Hard disk is an interesting part that you may or may not want to sell and both for good reasons. The bad bard of selling hard disk is – it contains data that you do want want to land it in someone’s hand. And, formatting and cleaning it may consume your time. But if you can wipe the data, or if you are not concerned about it, sell it and get cash for it. If you do not want to sell there is a very good use of it. Buy a USB Hard Disk Enclosure. Depenading upon the type of drive – SATA or PATA, buy the corresponding enclosure. The USB unclosure is available for cheap like $6 on ebay ( yes shipping included). The enclodure contains the electronics that converts the USB format to the format that your Harddisk understands. Now your External Hard Disk Drive is ready. Hook it to your new notebook, scan it with your Anti Virus Scanner and start using it. You may like to store all your back up, movies, Pictures on this hard disk. Believe me you will thank me that I told you this tip.

5. DVD Drives – DVD Drives are getting less popular, so they do not fetch much price. Probably not a very good idea to sell for money. But it does get you a point on ebay, so important for selling something else.

6. Keyboards – If you can spend some fun time on removing the keyboard, you will be surprised to know that the keyboard too can fetch you $15 or so. Removing Keyboard is not difficult but slightly tricky.

7. Processor and Motherboard – Since your notebook is already very old, the processor is probably not much of worth. Also it is a lot of hassle to remove a large number of screws to remove the processor. The Same is true with the motherboard. You may however, like to see what prices the motherboard or the processor sell for. If they are selling for good prices, the time may be worth. Otherwise just throw them away.

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