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How to transfer mp3 to LG540 optimus

How to transfer mp3 to LG540 optimus

The LG’s LG540 is an Android phone that gained popularity because of its low cost and rich set of Android applications.

One of the most important function people use this phone for is – listening the mp3 music. To listen a music all you need to do is to browse to the the button that says “Music” – click it and start listening to the mp3 songs.

But, wait …. where are the mp3 songs ? Let us say you have MP3 songs on your computer and you want to transfer these songs to your LG540 optimus phone. It is actually easier than you think.

Here are simple steps involved

1. Connect your optimus phone with the USB cable provided.
2. On your LG540 phone look at the top of the phone. Click on that line and drag it after clicking.
3. Click on the notification that says – “USB Connected”
4. It will now ask if you wish to mount your phone to Computer. At this stage click on Mount.
5. Once you have done that, your computer will recognize your phone as an external hard drive. You will treat it the same way as you do an external zip drive. Now add your favorite mp3 songs in an folder you wish.
6. Now you can use the Music button on your phone and play the songs of your choice.

Note – This method can also be used to transfer the photos and videos between your computer and phone.

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