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HP 625 XT960UT Notebook Review

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HP 625 XT960UT Notebook is the latest notebook from HP, this is the notebook you have to buy if you are looking for a notebook with daily computing. But this notebook can provide you HD entertainment and take you through the Digital HD world and get you a full feel of the same.

The processor that powers HP 625 XT960UT is AMD Athlon II dual core P340 processor which operates at 2.2 Giga hertz and this notebook is configured with 3 Giga bytes of RAM memory which is of the type DDR3. This notebook comes with the preloaded windows seven operating system and thus it provides good management of the peripherals and also it provides the user more easy access to the things available in the PC.

There is a 320 Giga byte hard disc that is configured in this notebook. There is a DVD Super Multi Dual Layer Burner in this notebook available which can do burning and playback of DVDs and CDs and help the user backup their data on these digital drives. There is built in wireless support available in this notebook which provides IEEE 802.11n wireless version and also it is backward compatible with IEEE 802.11 b and g.

HP 625 XT960UT Notebook  has a display of size 15.6 inches, and can support a maximum RAM memory of 8 Giga bytes. The memory configuration can be done as 4 Giga bytes of RAM per channel. This Notebook is best suited for students and people at home. This may not be a best fit for professionals.

The graphic processing unit of this notebook is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Graphics, which has High definition video accelerating abilities. Thus the user can watch HD videos on the laptop with the same feel as that on a HD television.

There is a built in multimedia card reader present which supports media types ranging from multi media cards and secured digital cards. There is one each port for LAN, Audio jack, headphone jack, VGA port and HDMI port. There is 10 / 100 Ethernet LAN port available in this notebook which can provide a data transfer rate up to a maximum of 300 mega bits per second. The battery backup offered by this notebook is up to 4 hours. There is an integrated web camera available in this notebook which offers a resolution of 2 mega pixels. The battery used in this notebook is 6 cell lithium ion battery. The maximum screen resolution supported by this notebook is 1366 X 768, thus the user is restricted to 720 pixel HD videos. The full HD videos which is 1020 pixel resolution videos can not be rendered on this laptop. This is priced at 400 dollars which is affordable given its features.

Pros of  HP 625 XT960UT

It has HDMI output

Sleek in size as it weighs only 5.5lbs


Cons of HP 625 XT960UT

Low battery life.

Not suitable for powerful gaming, compiling

no Bluetooth support

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