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HP DV6-4002TU Notebook Review

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HP DV6-4002TU becomes one of the first notebooks powered by the new Intel Sandy Bridge Processor. The HP DV6-4002TU is powered by the Sandy Bridge i7-2630QM processor which making it one of the high end processors available in the Australian Market.

HP DV6-4002TU Processor

The HP DV6-4002TU is powered by Intel Sandy Bridge core i7-2630QM. The core i7-2630QM is a quad core processor, that as a nominal core frequency of 2.0 GHz. However, core i7-2630QM has turbo boost feature, with which its core frequency can increase to 2.8GHz. The processor has improved Intel HD Graphics which will give huge performance boost as compared to the earlier processors.

The graphics core as well as the main CPU are built with 32nm technology.


While the information is not yet clear, it looks like this notebook comes with 4 GB of RAM.

The Graphics and Display

Some initial feedback indicate encouraging performance on the graphics front for this processor. The performance of the integrated graphics from the processor has been found to match some of the decent graphics components.

Apmag, for example finds that the HP DV6-4002TU can play Call of Duty Black Ops in passable resolution and frame rates. This is way beyond what the generation Core i7s and their onboard graphics could achieve. – It adds

The graphics performance of i7-2630QM is however not enough to play Call of Duty Black Ops at the highest settings – probably we are asking for too much here.

If you are looking for video encoding HP DV6-4002TU could be one of the best notebooks that you can think of at the moment. It will surpass the performance of even other notebooks with high end graphics cards. This is made possible with the video transcoding engine in the Sandy Bridge.

Pricing Details for HP DV6-4002TU

While no exact pricing detail is available. However, expect it to be close to $1500 or so.

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