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HP dv6tse review – Core i7-720QM notebook

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HP dv6tse review is a high end notebook powered by Quad core Intel Core i7-720QM processor clocked at 1.60 GHz. The HP dv6tse comes with a whopping 6 GB of hard disk. Its 15.6 inch screen is powered by ATI Radeon HD5650 graphics making it suitable for gaming. The notebook is worth considering if you are really looking for a fast notebook with high performance. While its original price is a bit high at HP, the deal price at under $1K makes it worth considering. It may therefore be worthwhile to take a look at the individual components of the HP dv6tse.


The HP dv6tse is powered by the quad core Intel core i7-720QM. With the hyperthreading enabled, we are looking for 8 threads that could be running simultaneously. While its nominal clock frequency at 1.6 GHz may seem low, the core i7-720QM also supports turbo boost, with which, its operating frequency can temporarily increase to 2.8 GHz boosting performance for processes that require high processing power for a short duration of time. The 6 MB of the cache memory ensures a faster performance.


The 15.6 inch display in the HP dv6tse has a screen resolution of 1366×768 , which gives out vivid colors and decent viewing experience. The display is bright with its LED backlit. Since the display is driven by ATI Radeon HD5650 , you can expect to play moderate to high end game with decent performance.

RAM and Hard Disk.

While most notebooks come with 4 GB RAM, the HP dv6tse has 6 GB of RAM, which substantially boosts performance, in case many processes are running in parallel. The 640 GB is also one of the highest that comes in the notebook. You will probably not exhaust more than a small portion of it in the life your use, unless you are planning a large number of Video editing stuffs.

Other features

The HP dv6tse comes with a DVD reader and has wired and wireless networking, as usual in most of the notebooks that come today. It would probably have been better had HP given a Blu Ray player in place of the DVD in this high end notebook. Even some of the under $700 notebooks now a days come with Blu Ray Drive.

You may like to notice that this reviews pertains to one particular configuration of HP dv6tse. There may be some other configuration of this notebook, that may be offered with different processor and memory. You may like to check these out.

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