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HP Envy 15-1050NR review

At the time of writing the HP Envy 15 review, the details and the configurations were not available. With the launch of the   , some more specific details have started coming out. Here is a quick look at the good, the bad and the quick conclusion.

The good part  : The HP Envy 15-1050NR packs a great deal of power in its slim and small  15 inch size. Its 1080p screen looks great and is backed by HP’s sturdy body.

The bad part: Pretty expensive even for the power it packs. It does lack the internal optical drive. Some blu ray play back issues and display issues with high end Radeon card have been reported by the users.

The quick conclusion : The HP  Envy 15-1050NR posses great  processing power in its slim body. However its high price can deter you from taking buy decision. You like to explore other similarly configured processor at lower cost.

Now some details

Pricing – Looking at the amazon and other places the HP Envy 15-1050NR is priced at $1999.99 – well we should say that it is $2000 notebook ( and that is on July 25, 2010) and that might be enough to deter you from taking a buy it now decision. If your pocket still allows you, go ahead and read more details of this processor.

Processor : The HP Envy 15-1050NR notebook has the i ntel Core i7-720QM Processor at 1.6GHz frequency. It is important to note that even though this notebook nominally works at 1.6 GHz, using the turbo boost feature its core frequency can ramp up to 2.8 GHz. The turbo boost technology allows the processor core frequency to be increased on the fly based upon the demand. The advantage of the turbo boost technology is that it keeps the battery life in control in the notebooks while still giving the processing power when required. The integrated memory controller of the i7 processors means that the memory throughput is substantially increased. The processor has 4 cores and with two threads in each core, there could be 8 Hyperthreads running simultaneously. This significantly increases the performance in case multiple processes are running. The processor has 6 MB of shared L3 cache.

Memory : The 15-1050NR comes with 6 GB of DDR3 System Memory running at 1066MHz. This combined with the Integrated memory controller of the Core i7-720QM gives significant performance boost to the notebook.

Display : The notebook has 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830. The  HP Envy 15-1050NR has  15.6-inch wide-screen LED screen and offers a resolution of  1,920×1,080-pixel or the 1080p HD quality.

Some customers at amazon have reported issue with the display that seems to be coming from the incompatibility with the higher end Radeon card (ATI Mobility Radeon HD5830). This could be a driver or a BIOS issue. If you buy the latest note book you may expect it to be free from the these defects.

The high end graphics card also means the the notebook will be breezing fast should you need any graphic rendering, encoding.

Weight : It is amazing to see that HP has been able to pack the power in the notebook that weighs just 5.4lb ( without the power supply)

External ports : It does come with HDMI, 3 USB 3.0,  Bluetooth, 802.11b/g/n,

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