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HP pavilion dm1-3020us Netbook Review

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HP Pavilion dm1-3020us becomes one of the first notebooks powered by the AMD’s new Zacate APU. AMD calls the new procesors as APU formed by the fusion between the CPU and the GPU. Let us take a quick look at the notebook that comes with 3 GB of memory.

The pavilion dm1-3020us blurs the line between the netbook and a notebook. Its size is small – that gives a hint of a netnook. However, on the performance level, it matches entry level notebooks powered by the AMD’s newest Zacate APU. In graphics performance, it can even outsmart even some of the entry level notebooks.


The AMD zacate E-350 is dual core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz. The processor is decent for you entry level processing needs. However, the best thing about this APU is the graphics unit, that gives outstanding performance. if you are looking for a moderate processing requirement and above average graphics performance at low power, this notebook could be good for you.

Memory and Hard Disk

The HP dm1-3020us comes with a decent 3 GB of memory which should be enough for most of the tasks needed. The operating system takes up close to 1 GB of RAM and this still leaves 2 GB of RAM for applications and other programs. The hard disk comes with ample 320 GB space.


The dm1-3020us noetbook comes with 11.6″ display with a resolution to 1366 x 768. Display quality has been found decent according to several several HP dm1-3020us reviews.

Battery Life

The best thing about the netbook is large battery life made possible by the low power Zacat processor. According to the estimates available from the manufacturer its battery life can last up to 9 hours and 30 minutes, making it one of the best notebook/ netbook available with decent performance, in terms of the battery life.

Other Feature
The wired and wireless connectivity are available.


While the exact pricing is not available – expect these to be available in the range of $450 or so.

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  1. February 10th, 2011 at 16:38 | #1

    The keyboard is full-sized, not the more usual 92%. I took a netbook with the latter size on a business trip where I had to write a good amount of text, and had major problems. Women and smaller men may find the keyboard OK.