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HP pavilion dv7-4069wm Review

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HP Pavilion dv7-4069wm is an enjoyable laptop or notebook within $1000 bucks with dedicated graphics, larger display (17.3”) enough storage with HDD speed. Whether you are developer or gamer this laptop incorporates all features you need to perform your task well. Let us see what this laptop offers.

HP pavilion dv7-4069wm specs

At  $898  (walmart) and $799 at Amazon HP dv7-4069wm  provides you AMD Phenom II N830 triple core processor which operates at 2.1 GHz. The processor lacks Level 3 cache memory but has 1.5MB ( shared in 3 cores 512MB each) L2 cache. Also comes with integrated memory controller so that it connects system memory very fast.

As a gamer you need fast hard drive and good storage capacity. The laptop comes with 640 GB HDD with 7,200 rpm speed. Note that it comes with dual hard drive and the second hard drive is not activated ( source: walmart). All you need to activate second hard drive.

Here is process one user mention in its review posted in walmart site. “administrative tools > computer management > disk management and under Drive 1 which you will see “unallocated” right click initialize it assign it a drive letter and your second hard drive is ready to go”.

The DV7-4069wm equipped with 4GB of system memory in two slots. The memory is upgradable up to 8GB

HP  Pavilion dv7-4069 wm equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 with dedicated 512 MB of DDR3 Video memory. The graphics is switchable graphics. It is Microsoft DirectX 11 supported and integrated with ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology so you can use multiple display at the same time with independent resolutions. However, system must contain supporting features. You can run 1080p high definition content. User can play Battlefield Bad company 2, Modern war fare 2 and Risen in low and medium details fluently ( 2010 games in low details) and old games like Sims 3, Crysis,  Starcraft 2, left 4 Dead and similar games in high details. The graphics support full HD content

HP Pavilion DV7-4069wm comes with 17.3” LED Backlit HD TFT display. The screen comes with resolution of 1600:900 in 16:9 ratio

For network connectivity the laptop incorporates 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN card and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

Other ports and connectivity features are as follows

  • 3USB 2.0 port
  • one USB/eSATA combo port
  • HDMI output
  • Webcam
  • VGA port
  • LightScribe Blu-ray Disc drive/ SuperMulti double-layer DVD burner
  • Finger print reader
  • Beat audio

The 9 cell battery provides approx 4 hours of battery life, However battery life depends upon usage and other settings.

HP dv7-4069wm weighs only 8.2lbs, may be its not sleek but not categorized as bulky keeping in mind its 17.3” display

The whole specs cover inside a sleek aluminum chassis etched with a elegant stream design. The keyboard has dedicated numeric keypad.

Finally, I can say hp dv7-4069wm is a powerhouse. You can use it at any purpose.

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  1. Kathy
    October 25th, 2010 at 10:50 | #1

    This computer sucks.I have bought one in sept 2010 and it started having windows error as soon as I turned it on.I was fortunate enough to get to exchange it for a brand new one when it crashed a few weeks later. It is october a little bit over a month after buying this comp and exchanging it for a brand new one that its happening again. Turned on the new comp and immediately it goes to black screen and starts all over then goes to windows error. I have spoken to hp tech support who said he could call a local text in my area and PAY HIM/HER to fix my computer. He wouldn’t even give me the option of using my warranty. With this new comp that I just exchanged yesterday I contacted the on-line support who was a tad bit more helpful. Still he said the reasoning for my comp just turning off automatically and going to the windows error window was that the comp had run into a error and starts over. He couldn’t tell me why it did that when the comp is new and only 15 min into it being turned on. Or why the screen goes black but comp is still on, causing you to force shut down and start over. If you dont care about losing your work, comp crashing and never being able to go on again this is the computer for you. I know I had wasted a thousand dollars on a crappy computer. They also out source there tech help and the help seems to have no clue on what they are talking about, BUT only reading from a script.

  2. Khalifa Juned
    November 28th, 2010 at 06:50 | #2

    Please can you give the details of HP laptops with indian price list. Thank you.

  3. john
    January 8th, 2012 at 14:52 | #3

    fantastic laptop! bought it as a refurbish, updated the old useless drivers – this MUST be done in order to have the computer work properly, otherwise it crashes and has a list of issues. After that and applying all the new windows updates, tweaking things here and there.. upgraded to 8GB RAM.. runs like a dream! does everything i need! can play a few newer games too! HD video looks stunning! the only draw back with most HP laptops is that they use very glossy screens – cant use outside very well. You can however buy a screen cover that’s glare free! If you can get this laptop for under 700 bucks don’t hesitate! If you are a big gamer, you might want to look elsewhere.. High-end gaming on a laptop is possible but you’re going to pay an arm and a leg for it – Alienware for example. This is still a fantastic versatile machine for use as a desktop replacement. Oh and it comes with a BlueRay Player, fingerprint reader, LED backlit screen, full keyboard (with num-pad), big 9 cell battery, VERY good powersaving mode (switches between 2 different graphics cards depending on plug-in / battery power), webcam is really decent and includes mic, dual HDD’s that run at 7200RPM – about 600GB of useable space, list goes on.. only downsides are the screen glare, no bluetooth, its a little bulky if you plan on moving it around a lot, it gets rather warm (i bought a cooling station which i highly recomend), upgrade that RAM while you’re at it.. GREAT BANG FOR YOU BUCK! ENJOY!

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