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HP Pavilion P6744Y Desktop PC Review

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HP is a successful name in the area of desktop PCs and notebooks. Now, HP has come up with an ultimate desktop PC keeping in mind the interest and love of desktop lovers. It is true that still there are many people interesting in voting positive for desktop PCs though the notebooks are ruling the entire world.

HP Pavilion P7744Y desktop PC always occupies a special place in the pavilion series desktops category with its wireless networking feature. Mother Board of this desktop is H-141-uATX (Eton/EtonL). This desktop is powered through Intel Pentium E5800 processor and comes with 4GB RAM and integrated graphics through Intel GMA X4500. There are many successful features are bundled with this desktop and priced reasonably.

Intel Pentium E5800 Processor Details:

The  processor is an Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor and clocked at 3.2 GHz. It has two cores with a Bus speed of 800 MHz. Its socket is 775. There is a possibility to upgrade this processor as below ( according to HP):

  • Core 2 Quad Q8xx0/Q9xx0 (Yorkfield core) (95W)
  • Core 2 Duo E8xx0 (Wolfdale core) (65W)
  • Core 2 Duo E7xx0 (Wolfdale core) (65W)
  • Pentium Dual Core E5xx0 (Wolfdale core) (65W)
  • Celeron Dual Core E1xx0 (Conroe core) (65W)
  • Celeron 4xx series (Conroe core) (35W)
  • Core 2 Duo Txxxx (Merom core).

Mother board of the HP Pavilion P6744Y supports all the above-mentioned processor upgrade successfully.

System memory:

System memory always plays a vital role in the performance of a desktop. This desktop PC is arranged with 4GB DDR3 DIMMS only memory and this is arranged in two channels. These channels are of two DDR3 DIMM (240-pin) sockets. It can support up to 4GB on 64-bit PCs.

Video Graphics:

This HP Pavilion P6744Y  comes with an integrated graphics using Intel GMA x4500. Also, this desktop can support PCI Express x16 graphic card too if needed. It is essential to remember that you can use either integrated graphics card or else PCI Express x16 slot at one time.


The HP Pavilion P6744Y  PC is equipped with a sound card that had 6 channels. Its maximum bit depth is up to 24-bit and its AUDIO CODEC is ALC662.. It can support SPDIF digital too.


This desktop pc is arranged with 10-Base-T Ethernet LAN for wired connectivity. There is 802.11 b/g/n PCI-E Mini card too for the wireless connectivity.

Hard Drive:

The HP Pavilion P6744Y is arranged with huge hard drive space as 1 TB. This hard drive interface is SATA with a transferring rate of 3.0 Gb/sec. This hard drive rotates at 7200 rpm.

Optical Drive:

This desktop comes with one SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe technology. This drive can read and write CDs and DVds in multiple formats.

Formats/Disc types Write speeds Read speeds Storage capacity
DVD-ROM SL NA up to 16x up to 4.7 GB
DVD-ROM DL NA up to 8X up to 8.5 GB
DVD+R SL up to 16x up to 12X up to 4.7 GB
DVD+R DL up to 12x up to 8x up to 8.5 GB
DVD+RW SL up to 8x up to 8x up to 4.7 GB
DVD+RW DL not supported
DVD-R SL up to 16x up to 12x up to 4.7 GB
DVD-R DL up to 12x up to 8x up to 8.5 GB
DVD-RW SL up to 6x up to 8x up to 4.7 GB
DVD-RW DL not supported
DVD-RAM up to 12x up to 12x 4.7 GB
CDROM NA up to 40X up to 700 MB
CDR up to 40X up to 40X up to 700 MB
CDRW up to 32X up to 32X up to 700 MB
CD-DA NA up to 32X up to 700 MB
Video CD NA up to 16X up to 700 MB

Card Reader:

HP Pavilion P6744Y  comes with 15-in-1 multimedia card reader.

Supports the following cards:

  • Compact Flash I
  • Compact Flash II
  • IBM Microdrive (MD)
  • Memory Stick (MS)
  • Memory Stick Duo (Duo)
  • Memory Stick Pro (PRO)
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo (Pro Duo)
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • MultiMediaCard Mobile (MMC mobile)
  • MultiMediaCard Plus (MMC plus)
  • Reduced size MultiMediaCard (RS-MMC)
  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • Secure Digital miniSD (Mini)
  • Smart Media
  • xD Picture Card (xD)


The case of this desktop PC is Mid-Size ATX.


This desktop needs 250w power supply.

I/O Ports:

This desktop comes with two USB ports, one headphone jack and one microphone jack as front I/O ports. It has Video Graphics adapter, four USB 2.0 ports, RJ45 Network adapter, Line In Port, Line Out port and Microphone port as Back I/O ports.

Input devices:

This desktop comes with HP USB keyboard and HP USB optical mouse as input devices.


This desktop PC comes with genuine Micrososft windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition, HP MediaSmart DVD, Windows DVD maker, CyberLink DVD Suite, HP Games, HP MediaSmart Software Suit, Microsoft Office Starter 2010, Windows Live Essentials, PDF Complete Special Edition and some more.

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