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HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT Laptop Review

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HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT is powered by 2.4 GHz Intel core i7-370M processor, which gives decent performance for home and office computing. The core i7-370M is a dual core processor, that features some exotic features of the Arrandale architecture, including the integrated memory controller for processor to memory communication and fast DMI Bus to communicate with the chipset. The core i7-370M has 3 MB of L3 Cache.

Even though the processor in this notebook can be said to be moderately fast, the HP 4520s-XT943UT comes with only 2 GB of memory. The Windows itself eats up close to 1 GB of RAM, leaving only 1 GB of memory for applications. This is fine as long as you do not open` up several applications requiring large amount of memory. For home and office computing not requiring use of heavy applications, this should be fine.

The display in the HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT is 15.6″ size LED backlit which has a resolution of 1366×768. The LCD Display gives out crisp display. Movie watching is a good experience on the HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT . It also comes with the HDMI connector, which you can use to display the content on an LCD TV, if you need to.

The Hard Disk in HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT comes with 320 GB capacity at faster 7200 RPM version. This should be enough for most of your practical requirement.

Other notable feature includes the integrated webcam and the bluetooth. A DVD burner in included in HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT.

HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT Pros
– Decent speed Intel core i7-370M processor
– Comes with HDMI out
– 7400 RPM, 320 GB Hard disk
– Integrated Camera

HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT Cons
– Low 2 GB memory


HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT is a decent notebook, that was recently available at around $450 at some deals at the time of writing. This could be a good value for the money. The low RAM should not affect home computing environment. But, you may like to increase it to 3 GB if you use heavy application.

Feel free to write you own HP ProBook 4520s-XT943UT review in the comment section below, you have purchased or used this notebook.

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