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HP s5704y Review – Desktop

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HP s5704y  is a moderate power mid range desktop powered by AMD’s Athlon ii 250 processor. It comes with 3 GB of  memory and 250 GN of Hard Disk. The HP s5704y  is not a high end desktop. The dual core Athlon II 250 is clocked at 3.0 GHz and this should be decent for most of your home computing needs. The graphics is powered by the Integrated graphics using ATI Radeon 3000 which is decent for basic games at low resolutions and lower setting. The HP s5704y  is not a gaming desktop.

As part of the HP s5704y Review , we present you a short list of the specifications that you would like to take a note of, in case you plan to buy to have this notebook. Here it goes

– AMD Athlon ii 250 dual core processor, clocked at 3.0 GHz

– 3 GB RAM

– 500 GB Hard Disk

– Wired Ethernet connector ( Almost all desktops have this), no wireless networking in-built

– DVD Burner, and 6 in 1 memory card reader

– 6 USB ports ( Two on front and 4 in rear)

– A VGA output + DVI putput

The desktop has everything that you expect from a common home computing machine. It does come with a mouse and a keyboard as a part of the desktop. However, there are few missing things that you would like to take a note of. The first is that there is no integrated wireless connectivity. So you will have to buy a wireless USB card if you need wireless connectivity. For most of you it is not needed since wired connection should be good and sufficient. This desktop also does not come with HDMI connector that we have stared to see in many desktops.

The HP s5704y  should be a low cost decent notebook for your home and office computing. But if your processing power needs are higher, of if you are looking for a gaming, you may like to search for some higher end machines.

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