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I-94 Not required for Green Card Holder

As the Continental Airlines flight from Delhi’s International Airport was about to reach Newark, the fabulous Air Hostess started handing over forms to the passengers.
US Citizen ? She asked with a big grin.
No – I am green card holder.

She handed over two forms, one of them was a custom form, meant to declare if were bringing any valuable item or any cash over $10K. It also had several check boxed that asked if you were bringing any seeds etc. You will generally select NO on all of them. This form is required by everyone US Citizen or not.

The second form, the I-94, is not required by US citizens. It is also NOT required by US green card holders or the permanent residents. I came to know this from the CBP ( Customs and Border Protection) officer at the counter who checked all the the papers and stamped the passport and torn the I-94 and said – “You do not need it”.

Next time, if you are a green card holder and are arriving at US and the Air Hostess gives you the I-94 form just smile and keep the I-94 form unfilled. Yo do not need the I-94 form if you are a permanent resident.

Finishing Line

I was going to Boston via Newark and had boarded at Delhi Airport. The baggage does not go automatically to Boston. You will have to collect it at Newark where you will be clearing the customs formality. Immediately after you clear the customs formality, you will find a lane that says something like -“Connecting flight / Baggage drop off.” Drop off your baggage there and collect it at final destination.

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