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IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi to Run at 1Gbit/s

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When the next version of the WiFi, the IEEE 802.11ac launches possibly some times later in the next year in 2012, you can expect to increase the speed at which WiFi will be operating. The standard for the IEEE 802.11ac is expected to be drafted by the end of this year.

The 802.11ac standard will is expected to provide maximum speeds of 1Gbit/s. Sources have indicated that the IEEE 802.11ac will be implemented in nearly 1 billion devices by the 2015, opening up huge market.

The higher data rate in the IEEE 802.11ac is made possible by “extending the air interface concepts in 802.11n”. The IEEE 802.11ac has wider RF bandwidth (160 MHz of bandwidth). Additionally IEEE 802.11ac has more MIMO spatial streams (up to 8), and used the modulation scheme that increases the throughput ( high-density modulation 256 QAM).

The Gigabit wifi will mean that the data rate through the wireless networking will have transfer rate in par with the the wired gigabit LAN.

The present highest data rate achievable using the IEEE 802.11n has maximum raw data rate ranging from from 54 Mbit/s to 600 Mbit/s. It uses four spatial streams at a channel width of 40 MHz

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