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Importing older Outlook data file in new laptop /computer

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Statement of Problem – You purchased a new notebook / Laptop / Desktop. You were working on the outlook express with your older notebook. You set up Outlook in your new notebook. The problem is you are no more able to access the older emails received and sent. How can you get the older emails in the new notebook.

– Before you solve your problem, you must understand that the hard disk in the older notebook contains the data in of the received and send file. So Do not format the hard disk of the older notebook that you were using to access your emails.

If your computer died but you hard disk is still not damaged, you may be able to access the data of your older hard disk using a SATA to USB Adapter.

Now follow the following step.

1. Locate the file that contains the data of the emails. It typically has the extension .pst and is typically located in C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder. Replace the with your the name of the user/computer. If your computer is damaged, access the files using a SATA to USB Hard Disk converter and access the files using USB port of your new computer.

Tips: Search for Outlook.pst from in your older computer and when you have found it – copy it in a folder in the new computer

2. In the Outlook – Go to File menu -> Open -> Outlook Data File.
3. Click the .pst file you of the older computer then click OK.

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