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Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS Review

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About Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS

Want to get a new GPS device for your vehicle and use it for your road trips or travel? Then, you might be interested to learn more of Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS. It is sold at an approximate price tag of $55 in leading online retail stores. For that price, it makes this device one of the cheapest ones you can find in the market. But should the low price point need to be a cause for concern?

Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS is a WAAS-enabled GPS device that claims to be your reliable partner on the road. It comes with LCD touch screen that is generous enough to display all information or routing data you have located on this device to make it easy to read. The display screen itself offers day and night settings, such that the color and contrast of the screen will change accordingly and make it easier for you to read. Then, you can easily navigate the various settings and icons on the menu to explore its many features.

Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS comes pre-loaded with maps of the United States such that you can access information on up to 2 million points of interest. Indeed, you can use it for traveling basically anywhere in the country to ensure that you can easily find your way through. In addition, the use of Wide Area Augmentation System gives you confidence that you can still use this device when you are trudging wooded areas or under heavy cloud conditions. This capability therefore heightens the performance of this device and rest assured that nothing will stop this device from providing the information you want.

The Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS also features an automatic rerouting capability such that you can easily find alternative routes when the initial information provided are not plausible. With over 2 million points of interest included in this device’s database, you can guarantee that it will track down the next best possible route for you to take and get to your destination in the soonest time possible. You can therefore rely on this device to make traveling a lot less stressful for you.

Pro’s of Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS

*It comes with an excellent location search feature;

*It comes with a large and wide screen for ease of reading;

*It is pre-programmed with lots of routing information;

*You can buy this at an affordable price tag.

Con’s of Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS

*It has the tendency to respond slowly at times, especially when you just turned it on;

*Switching from text to sound direction will give you poor quality audio.

The Bottom Line

Insignia NS-NAV01 GPS is available for purchase at only $55, so given that price point you can expect that there would be some limitations to what it can do. But if you are on a budget and is looking for a GPS device that can perform basic routing capabilities and help you find points of interest, then you can rest assured that it will deliver the job. At this price point, the range of features it has to offer can’t be beat.

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