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Intel Core i5-2520M i5-2540M Sandy Bridge processors

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The biggest gainers of the Intel Sandy Bridge processors will be gamers who could see a 2x improvement in the performance of the integrated graphics as compared to the performance previous generation Nehelam based intel processors. This could be a compelling reason for the gamers to but the Sandy Bridge based notebooks. For others, they way want to wait and watch the prices, as, a 15% or so processor performance improvement may not be compelling enough to justify the premium the Sandy Bridge processor could be commanding

Both the core i5-2540M as well as the core i5-2520M will have two cores. Both these processors will have Hyperthreading enabled which will mean that there could be a maximum of 4 threads running simultaneously. The core frequency of the core i5-2540M will be 2.6 GHz. The core i5-2540M part will have the turbo boost enabled and will habe a turbo frequency of 3.300 GHz. The core frequency of the core i5-2520M, on the other hand, will be 2.5 GHz. The turbo frequency of i5-2540M will be 3.2 GHz.

The TDP rating of both the Core i5-2520M as well as core i5-2540M will be 35 Watts. The low TDP rating will help desig of notebooks and laptops for low power and great battery life. The Intel Core i5-2520M as well as i5-2540M will have an L3 Cache of 3 MB.

Intel Core i5-2520M i5-2540M will have features of the Sandy Bridge processor which includes Integrated DDR3 Memory controller as well as the Integrated Graphics controller.

The M suffix in the part numbers Intel Core i5-2520M i5-2540M indicate the mobile part.

The Sandy Bridge processors will launch in the last quarter of 2010. Notebook manufacturers should have these parts with them by the end of 2010 and we could be seeing the notebooks with these parts sometimes in the beginning of the 2011.

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