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Intel Atom N455 Single core processor review

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The intel Atom N455 is a single core processor with nominal clock frequency of 1.66 GHz. Even though it is a single core processor, the hyperthreading is enabled, which means that there could be 2 threads running at a time. This slightly improves the performance in multithreaded environment – for example, the virus scanning can be one thread while the actual application could be running in foreground.

The Atom N455 is intended for professionals on the move where light weight and long battery life takes precedence over the computing power.  Atom N455 is a low power ( TDP rating of just 6.5 Watts) processor which, when clubbed with a small screen can provide you battery life in excess of 8 hours.

The Intel Atom N455 processor has integrated memory controller which reduces memory latency and increases the memory transfer rate. The integrated memory controller also simplifies the overall system design, enabling netbook manufacturers to design systems that are easier to design, manufacture and produce at lower cost.

Intel Atom N455 processor Pros
– Integrated memory controller.
– Low power

Intel Atom N455 processor Cons
– Only single core.
– Lacks processing power for high end computing.

Some of the benchmarking results available show that the Super Pi 1M takes 93 seconds on the average and the super Pi 2M takes 218 seconds on the average. The Windows 7 Processor index give it an average processor rating of 2.3.


Built with 45 nm technology Intel Atom N455 has a TDP rating of just 6.5 Watts. The low TDP rating allows notebook manufacturers design low power thin netbooks and small notebooks with high battery life.


The Intel Atom N455 does not support the virtualization technologies ( Vt-x and Vt-d).

The Atom N455 is not intended for high computing environments. It is for systems that has basic needs including web surfing, document and picture editing. The systems designed with Atom N455 have high battery life and low weight for good mobility.

Some of the netbooks and notebooks we found, powered by Intel Atom N455 processor include

Dell Inspiron Mini 1018 Netbook
ASUS Eee PC 1018p
ASUS Eee PC 1016p

Source : http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=49491

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    What is the difference between the Atom N450 and N455 ?