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Intel Atom N550 dual core processor Review

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Intel Atom N550 processor is dual core atom processor which unveiled on the third quarter of year 2010. The processor is manufactured for netbook as well ultra-thin notebook. Intel Atom processor N550 operates at clock speed of 1.5GHz. It has 1 MB of L2 cache shared 512KB with each core.

Intel Atom N550 specs

Each core of Intel N550 Atom processor can process 2 threads as it integrated with hyperthreading technology. So, 2 cores can process 4 threads. Thus, for running multithreaded application this processor can be a good choice. The Die size of the processor is 87mm square and houses 176million transistors. The processor housed in 559-ball micro-FCBGA8 package.

Intel Atom N550 1.5 GHz processor works on 64bit instruction set and it has integrated floating point unit or FPU. The instruction set extensions are SSE2, SSE3, and SSSE3. The processor built up on Pine-TrailM architecture and built with 45 nano meter technology. It also comes with integrated single channel memory controller to connect with memory. Intel Atom N550 supports only DDR3 memory. The maximum memory supported by the processor is 2GB DDR3 memory.

It also comes with integrated graphics to save cost as well as improve performance. The processor connects with graphics with integrated graphics controller with base frequency of 200MHz. The integrated graphics is not capable of decoding HD content.

The TDP of the processor is 8.5 watt. So, one can easily conclude that it is low power consuming processor. Intel N550 Atom processor doesn’t have embedded option. It comes with Hyperthreading technology, enhanced speedstep technology and thermal monitoring technology. It also comes with executable disable bit thus gives inbuilt protection from virus or other malicious program. Other technologies like MMX, Supplemental SSE3 are also integrated with it

The main advantage of Intel Atom N550 processors are as follows-

It comes with Hyperthreading technology thus each core can process two threads

It has integrated graphics.

Intel Atom N550 is a dual core processor unlike its siblings which are single core processors

The major disadvantages of Intel Atom processor N550 are as follows:-

The clock speed is slow only 1.5 GHz

Support only DDR3 memory

Benchmarks of Intel Atom processor N550 1.5 GHz

The Intel Atom dual core N550 processor has Windows 7 Experience index of 3 , PCMark vantage score 1593 and PassMark score is 540

Laptops integrated with Intel Atom N550 dual core 1.5 GHz processor are

HP mini 5103


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    i have a asus Eee pc 1215p with an open slot, will i notice an appreciable improvement in performance by adding a gig of memory?