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Intel Atom Processor N470 Review

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Remember Intel’s Celeron processor, which was best fit for people who had minimal usage purposes for their personal computer. Intel Atom processor is the upgraded version of the Celeron processor which provides the user a best fit for minimal usage computer. Intel Atom N470 Processor is the new range of Atom processor which works with a processor speed of 1.83 Giga Hertz and has level 2 cache memory of 512 KB. This processor is the basic single core processor which can handle two threads at the same time. Intel Atom Processor N470 supports the instruction set extensions of the type SSE2, SSE3 and SSSE3.

Forty five Nano meter lithography technology is the technology used for the manufacturing of this processor. The maximum Thermal Design Power consumed by this processor is only 6.5 Watts. Intel Atom N470 Processor can support a maximum of 2 GB RAM of the type DDR2 which has a refresh rate of 667 Mega Hertz. There is only one channel to connect RAM with processor. Intel Atom N470 processor has an integrated graphics, the graphics controller works at a frequency of 200 Mega Hertz. There are 123 million transistors that are fabricated inside this Atom N470 processor. The Intel Hyper Threading Technology in place takes care of the performance boosting when handling multiple tasks. There are few other advanced technologies from Intel implemented in this processor other than the Intel Hyper Threading Technology  namely Intel 64 technology which is the one which enables the processor to do 64 bit computing, Enhanced speed step technology which is a way of meeting performance with processor power consumption inside the limits, Thermal Monitoring technology which is used for monitoring the temperature of the processor and hard disk during the maximum load condition and changes the fan speed appropriately to keep the processor and hard disk in the safety operating mode and Intel’s Execute disable bit technology which takes care of buffer overflows.

Intel Atom N470 processor was launched in the first quarter of this year, this is very well suited for home personal computers and minimal usage office computers. The performance of this is on par with that of the dual core processors when the processor is running single threaded applications. When we are multi tasking that is when the performance of this processor dips.  Intel Atom Processor N470 is good for people who need only a minimal performance with a lesser cost. The cost of the processor is comparatively lesser taking the performance that it provides.

Benchmark of Intel Atom N470

The 3DMark 06 gives it  535 average scoring, PCMark Vantage ranked it 1174.

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