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Intel Atom Z560 Processor review

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The Intel Atom Z560 is a single core processor clocked at 2.13 GHz. The Atom Z560 does support Hyperthreading, which will slightly  improve the performance in the multithreaded environment.

Built with 45 nm technology, the Atom Z560 has a TDP ( thermal design power ) rating of just 2.5 Watts. This low power and high performance bring the Atom processors strikingly close to the ARM cortex A9 processors.

The Atom Z560 has L2 cache of 512KB. The communication with the chipset is using 533 MHz Front side Bus.

The Atom Z560 does support the hardware virtualization technology ( Vt-x), which is very helpful, if you are running two operating systems simultaneously and you need to switch between the operating systems.

One of the architectural drawbacks of the intel Atom Z560M is the lack of the integrated memory controller. In order to communicate with the memory, the processor has to first communicate with the Front side bus, which, in turn communicates with the memory. This leads to the increased memory latency and slow performance.

Intel Atom Z560 Pros

– Low power consumption ( rated 2.5 Watts TDP)
– Decent processor clock frequency – 2.3 GHz

Intel Atom Z560 Cons
– No integrated memory controller.
– Somewhat pricey ($144.00 according to intel at the time of writing). You can find many sub $100 AMD processors with much better performance than the Atom Z560

The Atom Z560 will competes with the AMD’s V series V140 processor (Single core 2.3 GHz) processor.

Some of the notebooks powered by the Intel Atom Z560 processor include
HP Slate 500

Note on the Block diagram – The block diagram is presented courtsey Intel.

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