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Intel Atom Z600, Z605, Z610, Z612, Z615, Z620,Z625 processors

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In May 2010, Intel announced the Atom Z600 series. The Z600 series of the processors consist of Atom Z600, Atom Z605, Atom Z610, Atom Z612, Atom Z615, Atom Z620 and Atom Z625 processors and based upon 45 nm manufacturing technology.

The information about the clock speeds of the Intel Z600 series processors is not available. However, it is certain that the clock speed of the Intel Atom Z605 (according to the notes released by Intel) is 1.0 GHz.

The Atom Z600 Series will be equipped with the BPT or the Burst Performance Technology. It looks like the Atom Z600, Z610, Z612, Z615, Z620,Z625 processors will be equipped with the Burst Performance technology, while the Z605 will not be equipped with the Burst performance technology. The burst performance technology enables increasing the processor frequency for a short period of time to cope with the sudden demand in the processing power. This is more or less equivalent to the Turbo Boost feature in the intel i5 processors. Some reviews refer to it as Over clocking – which is actually not the correct term to describe it.

All of the Z600 series processors will have an L2 cache of 512 KB. They will connect to the chipset using DMI Bus. This is expected to speed up the processor to the chipset communication speed.

The Atom Z600 series will have integrated memory controller. The Integrated memory controller should reduce the memory latency and increase the processor to the memory transfer rate.

The Atom 600 series processors will also feature Smart Idle technology. The Smart Idle technology will let the CPU core as well as the rest of the System on Chip to power down while the Operating Ssystem remains active. The Smart Idle technology helps increase the battery life. Hyperthreading will be supported in all of the Atom Z600, Z605, Z610, Z612, Z615, Z620,Z625 processors.

Interestingly, Intel has extended Android support for the Atom 600 series processors. This will be in addition to the Intel’s Moblin and MeeGo operating system support.

The size of the BGA Atom 600-series cip is 13.8×13.8×1.1mm (WxDxH). The package is FC-BGA 518.

The Atom processors are packaged in BGA package and are soldered directly to the motherboard. They are not removable from the motherboard and you can not “upgrade” a processor.

According to the news release, the Z6xx supports frequencies, up to 1.5 GHz for smartphones and up to 1.9 GHz for tablets and other designs.

It looks like the Atom Z600 processors will have support for the graphics with, according to intel -“full 1080p video, 3-D graphics, multi-point videoconferencing and voice in pocketable designs.”

Intel is willing to eyeing on the high end smart phones. It will be competing with the ARM based processors, including freescale MX51, freescale MX53 and snapdragon processor. It is still not clear how intel plans to compete with ARM dual core Cortex A9 processors.

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