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Intel Celeron Processor E3500 Review

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Intel recently released new dual core processor in its Celeron segment, Intel Celeron Processor E3500 which is desktop processor. It is one of the fastest processors in Celeron group with clock speed of 2.7 GHz. Another significant feature of Intel Celeron E3500 processor is 1MB of Intel smart cache of Level 2 which means cache can be shared by both cores dynamically. This feature no doubt help to reduce latency and increase performance of the processor a bit. The code name of processor is Wolfdale

As mentioned above the Celeron E3500 processor has two cores and each core can process only single thread at a time as it lacks in Intel Hyperthreading technology. The Front side bus operates at speed of 800MHz thus the Bus/core ratio is 13.5. It developed on 45nm lithography technology and instruction set it supports is 64bit. It has integrated FPU

Intel Celeron E3500 processor is housed in LGA775 sockets. The TDP of Celeron E3500 is 65watt and core voltage for the processor is 0.8500V-1.3625V

The supported multimedia instruction sets are MMX technology, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 and Supplemental SSE3. The technology it incorporates are virtualization which helps to run multiple OS in same machine, execute disable bit which helps to stop processing malicious code. Also comes with Enhanced Speedstep technology which helps to lower the power consumption.

Intel Celeron E3500 supports 64 bits application as well as it incorporates Intel 64 technology.

Intel Celeron E3500 processor benchmark

As it is newly released processor so benchmark for Intel Celeron E3500 yet to release.

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