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Intel Core i3-2100 vs Core i3-2120

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The Table below lists out the difference between the Intel Core i3-2100 and Core i3-2120 processors

Table : core i3-2100 Vs core i3-2120

SL. No.
Core i3-2100 Core i3-2120
Clock Frequency 3.1 GHz 3.3 GHz
Passmark Score 3813 3949

The Intel Core i3-2100 and the Core i3-2120 belong to the second generation core i5 processors more popularly known as the Sandy Bridge processors. Both these processors have same architecture and differ only in the processor frequency and the processor core frequency. The core i3 processors, however do not support turbo boost.

The core i3-2120 has 6.4% higher clock frequency than the core i3-2100. We should therefore expect a performance improvement of the order of 6% in CPU intensive tasks.

The passmark score of the Core i3-2100 stands at  3813  as compared to the score of  3919  for core i3-2120. The passmark score of the core i3-2120 is, therefore   2.8% higher than that of core i3-2100, slightly less than expected but CPU calculation is not the only thing that Passmark compares.

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