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Intel Core i3-2120 Benchmarks

March 26th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here are some of the benchmark results that we have found for the Core i3-2120 processor ( 3.3 GHz dual core Sandy Bridge processor)

1. According to the Super Pi 32M bench mark, we have observed 9 min 42 seconds with  Core i3-2120 32M running overclocked at 3497. An intepolation of the result means that the  Core i3-2120 running at  3300 MHz will take 549 seconds or about 9 Minute 9 seconds.

2. The Passmark Score for Core i3-2120  stands at 3808.

( By comparison, the 3.33 GHz Clarksdale processor core i3-560, has a passmark score of 3203). This establishes the supremacy of the Sandy Bridge processor over the similarly clocked Clasksdale

Notice that we have not taken into account the graphics capability of the Sandy Bridge, which should give another reason to prefer Sandy Bridge over the Claksdale processors.

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