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Intel Core i3-350M Vs Core i5-430M

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Both, the Intel Core i5-450M and the core i3-350M come with same clock frequency of 2.26 GHz and therefore, makes an interesting comparison. The  core i3 processors have does not has the turbo boost functionality, while the core i5 processors come with turbo boost. Obviously, the core i5-450M has better performance than the core i3-350M. The only question is by how much.

Table : A comparison Table of Core i5-430M vs. core i3-350M


SL No. Core i5-430M Core i3-350M
Clock Frequency 2.26 GHz 2.26 GHz
Turbo Freq 2.53 GHz None
Max Graphics Turbo Frequency 766 MHz 666 MHz
AES instructions No No
VT-d No No
Trusted Execution Technology No No
Super Pi 2M Benchmark (Lower is better) 42 seconds 46 Seconds
3D Mark 06 CPU Benchmark ( Higher is better) 2570 2370
SiSoft Sandra Dhrystone NA NA
Windows 7 Experience Index 6.6 6.4
PassMark 2348 2050

Notice that besides the CPU, there is a minor difference in the Integrated graphics unit. While both,  the core i3-350m and the core i5-430M have integrated graphics, the core i5-430M has marginally higher turbo frequency for the integrated graphics.  also has hiturbo in the

We will let the readers draw their own conclusion about the core i5-430M Vs Core i3-350M. Feel free to pen down your own comments below.

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