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Intel Core i3-350M Vs Pentium 6100

Before we go into more technical details, let us declare the results first – the Core i3-350M is faster than the Pentium P6100 – and it is faster by a significant amount.

– The Core i3-350m is a dual core processor clocked at 2.26 GHz. The Intel Pentium P6100 is clocked lower at 2.0 GHz. Just going by the clock, expect 13% performance improvement in the COre i3-350M with respect to the Pentium P6100.

– The Core i3-350M is supports Hyperthreading. With the hyperthreading, it can run 4 processes in parallel. Pentium P6100 does not support Hyperthreading. Expect a 10% to 15% performance improvement. Note that the performance improvement due to the Hyperthreading depends heavily upon the type of applications running in parallel.

– The Core i3-350M supports the hardware virtualization ( Intel virtualization technology). This is helpful if you are swithing, say from one operating system to another, or one virtual machine to another. Notice that you will not be able to catch the performance difference due to the virtualization using benchmarking data.If you are a developer virtualization support is another reason why you will prefer Intel core i3-350M.

– Other than these three aspects the two processors are similar in architetures and features. Both have 3 MB of L2 Cache, they have integrated memory controller and both possess integrated graphics unit.

Check out the Benchmarking comparison of the Intel Core i3-350M and Pentium 6100

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