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Intel Core i3-380UM ultra low voltage processor

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Intel Core i3-380UM ultra low voltage processor

The intel core i3-380UM is an ultra low voltage processor intended for netbooks and low power, high battery life, small notebooks. Clocked at 1.33 GHz, the core i3-380UM has two cores and it does not feature turbo boost funtionality as in the i5 and i7 line of intel processors (The Turbo Boost functionality enables higher performance by ensuring the availability of increased core frequency for small duration.)

Based upon the Nehalem architecture, the core i3-330UM is manufactured with 32 nm technology.

The core i3-380UM has integrated graphics, called Intel HD graphics. In words of Intel – “There’s no need for an extra add-in graphics card – full graphics and media support is already built-in“. You may however, like to note that the integrated graphics is not a replacement of high end discrete graphics component and you will not get excellent results with high gaming especially higher settings and/or resolution. The integrated graphics, nonetheless, is good for moderate level of graphics performance. It helps keep the overall system cost low for notebook designers and manufacturer by obviating the need of an external discrete graphics component or an external graphics card. The integrated graphics has a base core frequency of 166 MHz which can get boosted to 500 MHz if there is more demand of the graphics processing power.

The core i3-380UM has integrated DDR3 memory controller that can support speed upto DDR3-800. The integrated memory controller reduces processor to memory latency and improves overall performance.

The integrated graphics and the memory controller are built with 45 nm technology and they sit on a separate die. The two main CPU cores manufactured with the 32 nm technology are on a separate die. The two dies are placed on a package that fits in a BGA1288 socket.

The core i3-380UM has 3MB of L3 cache which Intel calls as smart Cache. The 3MB of the L3 cache is shared by the two cores and can be dynamically shared between the two cores. For example if core 1 needs more local cache memory to minimize cache miss – it can use 2.5 MB, leaving only 0.5 MB of cache for the core 2.

The low TDP rating of 18 Watts for the core i3-380UM enables the design of thin netbooks. The core i3-380UM also supports the Intel virualization technology VT-x, Intel 64 and Enhanced speed steps.

Three other core ix processors from intel – core i5-470UM, core i5-560UM and core i7-660UM have the same basic clock frequency, 1.33 GHz, as the core i3-380UM. However, they feature turbo boost technology and therefore, give better performance. Another notable missing feature in core i3-380UM is the AES function.

Some of the available benchmark result show that the Super Pi 1M takes 32 seconds and Super Pi 2M takes 74 seconds with core i3-380UM. The Windows 7 processor Experience index gives it a score of 5.

Some of the notebooks powered by core i3-380UM include

– HP tm2-2150us
– Acer TravelMate TM8172T-38U2G25nkk

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