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Intel Core i3-390M Processor

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The Intel core i3-390M has not yet been launched at the time of writing. When launched, the core i3-390M will be highest performing Core i3 processor with a clock frequency of 2667 MHz exceeding the clock frequency of the Core i3-380M‘s frequency of 2533 MHz by 115 MHz or 4.5%. This will further improve the performance of the core i3-390M processor by an order of 4% as compared to the core i3-380M.

The core i3-390M is a dual core processor and communicates with the memory directly using its Integrated Memory Controller. The Integrated memory controller reduces the processor to memory latency and increases the overall performance of the processor.

The Core i3-390M has two dies on the silicon. The first die is the actual processor which is built with 32 nm technology. The Core i3-390M also has integrated graphics controller. The Integrated graphics controller and the memory controller are built with 45 nm technology. You should not expect huge performance with the graphics section but should be decent for entry level graphics. The graphics controller runs at 500 MHz.

The L3 Cache in Core i3-390M, that intel calls smart cache is 3 MB. The Core i3 processor supports Intel virtualization technology and and comes with 64 bit support. The virtualization technology helps in case you are running multiple operating systems simultaneously.

Key Features at a Glance

– 2 Cores, 2667 MHz
– Integrated Memory Controller
– Two dies on the silicon – one for CPU ( 32nm) and other for memory controller and GPU ( 45 nm)
– No Turbo boost ( Core i5 processors have)

No benchmark results are available for the Core i3-390M, however, you can check the benchmark results of the core i3-380M and exptrapolate it. The core i3-390M should give out a performance improvement of the order of 4% over that of core i3-380M.

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