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Intel Core i3-530 i3-540 i3-550 i3-560 processors

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The Intel Core i3-530 core i3-540 core i3-550 and core i3-560 processors are the desktop processors that are codenamed as Clarkdale processors and they belong to the Westmere microarchitecture.

Some of the common characteristics and major changes in the previous core 2 processors make them substantially faster. The most important is the integrated memory controller. With the dual channel DDR3-1333 memory controller Intel has been able to outstrip the competition from AMD which was actually the pioneer in the integrated memory controller designs.

The second improvement in the Clarkdale processor is the replacement of the parallel front side bus with the high bandwidth DMI bus. The DMI Bus communicates with the chipset.

The processor consists of the two dies. The first die consists of two processor cores and L3 Cache ( Intel Smart Cache). The Second core has the Memory Controller, the Integrated Graphics Controller and PCI Express Controller – See the picture on the right. The bigger die is the Integrated graphics unit and the smaller die is encompass the two processor cores an the L3 Cache.

The turbo boost in all of the core i3 Clarkdale processors is disabled. If you are looking for turbo boost feature, you may like to take a look at the core i5 processors.

The Clarkdale processors have integrated Graphics Processing Unit that works at a core frequency of 733 MHz. While the performance of the GPU unit is decent, it still does not replace the high end external graphics cards or discrete graphics component. If you are an overclocker, you may be able to overclock it to 900 MHz, but that still not be good enough for gaming. If you are looking for a decent performance with the integrated GPU unit you may like look for the Sandy Bridge processors are released.

The good thing with the Integrated Graphics unit – you get native support for HDMI , DVI and DisplayPort.

Here is the list of the some of the commonly asked questions about these core i3 processors of the Clarkdale series.

Q. What are the relative core frequencies of the Intel Core i3-530 i3-540 i3-550 i3-560 processors
A. The Table below lists out the frequencies of the intel core i3 processors.

Table : Core i3-530 i3-540 i3-550 i3-560 processor frequencies

SL. No. Processor Frequency
1 Core i3-530 2.933 GHz
2 Core i3-540 3.067 GHZ
3 Core i3-550 3.2 GHz
4 Core i3-560 3.33 GHz

Q. What is the size of the L3 Cache memory in the Core i3-530 i3-540 i3-550 i3-560 processors.
A. All of these i3 processors come with 4 MB of cache memory.

Q. What is the TDP rating of these i3 processors.
A. All of the core i3 processors, viz., Core i3-530 i3-540 i3-550 i3-560 have TDP rating of 73 Watts.

Q. What sockets do these processors use ? Will it fit in the sockets used for the earlier core 2 processors.
A. The core i3 processors use LGA1156 socket. They will not fit into older moetherboards that were designed for the core 2 processors.

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