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Intel Core i3-550 Vs Pentium Dual-Core E5700

StarredReviews presents comparison of the Intel Core i3-550 and Pentium Dual-Core E5700

The Intel’s Core i3-550 and the Pentium Dual Core E5700 belong to an entirerly different family and, therefore, the only potential best way to compare is by looking at there benchmarks. Both the processors have two cores. The core i3-550 is clocked higher at 3200 MHz, as compared to 3000 MHz for Intel Pentium E5700.

In the following two Tables we will compare their features.

Table : core i3-550 Vs Pentium Dual Core E5700

SL. No.
Core i3-550 Pentium Dual Core E5700
Clock Frequency 3.2 GHz 3.0 GHz
Number of Cores 2 2
Passmark Score 3087 2036

Without going too much into the details of the architecture, we can make a quick conclusion from the Passmark Score of the two processors that the Intel Core i3-550 is much better that the Pentium E5700. The Core i3-550 is one and a half time faster that the Pentium Dual Core E5700.


The Pentium Dual core E5700 is, however priced inexpensive at $64 as compared to $117 for the core i3-550 ( Prices on May 08, 2011 according to Intel).  The core i3-550 is 1.8 times the price of the Pentium E5700. The Pentium E5700 still wins, if the price to performance ratio is calculated.

If you are looking for only entry level computing works, that involves, mostly surfing, email, chat, spreadsheet and word, the Pentium E5700 provides an excellent low cost solution. The two core at 3.0 GHz are not bad at all.

If however, some of your computing requirements are high end, you may gain in efficiency by investing in the Core i3-550. Some of the second generation Sandy Bridge processor may also be considered for high end computing, in case you need.

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2. Intel has detailed specification as well as suggested price for Pentium E5700 at http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=42801

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